on-line guide for hip and knee replacement.

This site is intended as an introduction to some of the Orthopaedic services offered by Mr Andrew Phillipson, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.

It provides some basic information on common orthopaedic procedures carried out on the lower limb.

The commonest operations performed by him include hip and knee replacement surgery. Arthroscopic (key-hole) procedures of the knee also play a large part in his practice. Also, he has a very strong interest in ligament reconstruction of the knee, especially the anterior cruciate (ACL), employing both hamstring and part of the patella tendon as a ligament graft.

It also has links to other useful sources of information on a wide variety of musculo-skeletal conditions.

It is hoped that you will find it helpful.

Cartilage Tear

An arthroscopy showing a tear of the posterior part of the medial meniscus (inner cartilage). The tear is first probed, and then resected using specialised instruments.